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Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.
A Teaching job is one of the noblest jobs in India. Great teachers help to create great students. In fact, research shows that an inspiring teacher is the most important factor influencing student achievement.
Teaching Jobs are one of the most trending Jobs in India. The main aim of a Teacher is to make their students well educated and socially responsible persons. To become an educator, a person must first obtain specified professional qualifications or credentials from any university or college.
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Latest Faculty Jobs In India
Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines):
Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines) is a public engineering and research institution located in Dhanbad, India. It was formally opened on 9th December 1926, by Lord Irwin, then Viceroy of India addresses the need for trained manpower related to mining activities in the country with disciplines of Mining and Applied Geology. The institute is currently hiring Assistant Professor of 1- year experience.

Krishna Mohan Medical College And Hospital
Krishna Mohan Medical College And Hospital is a well known name and is located in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. With the Acres of Space and for its ontime services, K M Medical is the Best Hospital in the region. It is a multi-stream and multi-cultural organization, providing high quality education to students and having the best performance services in hospital with 300 beds including Emergency Services, Operation Theatres, OPD Block, ICUs, NICUs, 24 Hour Ambulance Service in the whole Region.
The college has currently fresher Assistant Professor jobs.

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
IIT Bombay is a public engineering and research institution located in Powai, Mumbai, India. In the QS World University Rankings 2014, IIT Bombay was ranked as India’s top university. The Vision of IIT Bombay is to be the fountainhead of new ideas and of innovators in technology and science. To provide the best possible educational facilities for training bright students for careers in technology and science, the college is currently hiring Assistant Professors of 3 years experience.
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Why Teaching Is The Best Job In The World?

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Some times, best faculty quit. Teaching is an increasingly demanding job with various influences, dynamic sources of innovation, and aging dogma that makes it all a struggle. It can be emotionally draining, and at times, impossible. The work of a teacher is multi-faceted. People are often surprised at how many different things fall under the umbrella of the academic jobs.

If you know how to read and write, you should thank to your teacher. A teacher has the capacity to shape the minds and futures of students – and they do so at all kinds of critical life stages. Teachers introduce the minds of youngsters to the wonder of learning – and to the basic tools of learning that students will use their entire lives.

But in lieu of that–and in an age where start-ups are glorified, entertainment is endlessly emphasized, and teaching is kind, teaching continues to be the best job in the world. Or at least I think so anyway. Here are 4 reasons why.

It gives you the chance to be continuously creative

Of course, there are various increasing levels of accountability in the academic jobs, but teachers are allowed to be creative in every chapter of books. Even in learning, observations, in fact, most of all observations, chapters are encouraged to be creative and interesting to engage the students. A teacher has so many opportunities to try new ideas, and indulge in an iterative process to ensure the best and creative learning environment is created.

It offers you a chance to continuously get better

Educators always try to encourage themselves for a continuous professional development and seek opportunities to grow and learn from masters and highly experienced staff. A growth mindset is the foundation of teaching.

There is always satisfaction somewhere

Teaching is an inner calling, and no one enters it without his or her inner voice telling him or her that. Of course, there are always some imposters, but the vast majority have their hearts in the right place.

Having said that, teaching can be and is incredibly demanding.

It’s a chance to truly to lead the world in the 21st century

Introducing students to advanced technologies and ways of curating, presenting, and collaborating with others with what they know is truly exciting and truly invigorating. Experienced teachers are actually advanced pedagogy, and will be able to hold their heads up high in the future when we look back. Teachers frequently share that teaching is the most difficult job that anyone can have—and the most rewarding.


Of course, so much of the technological addition to the academic profession has all been achieved mostly through our own initiative, having to source and implement the organization learning strategies. We are change makers, and that is something to be proud of. Long live teaching, still the best job in the world!

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The Importance of Preferred Locations In Your HireFaculty Profile

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Since many colleges now have branches in multiple locations, recruiters look for candidates who are willing to work in a particular city or location. There are many factors that recruiters and employers consider when searching academic jobs. One of those many factors is sometimes the Preferred Location mentioned by candidates. Locations chosen by the applicants or their home addresses are increasingly becoming important search criteria for HR managers to shortlist candidates for a suitable teaching job position.

That is, say, if a job requirement is for the city of Delhi, then the HR Manager of that college is more likely to contact an applicant who prefers to work in Delhi than a candidate who has either not mentioned a preference at all, or has mentioned his/her preference to work in, say, Bangalore.

Therefore, if there are cities that you strongly prefer to work in, then make sure that you mention those cities in HireFaculty as your Preferred Locations – it will increase your chances of getting shortlisted for the suitable faculty jobs in that city. So, mentioning of your choice of location(s) for teaching jobs in India is becoming an important factor to include in your profile as well as in CV.

Of course, we understand that you may have more than one city/region that you would like to find your next job in, and that is why you can select multiple cities/regions as your Preferred Locations for academic jobs in

Some of the reasons why employers give importance to preferred locations chosen by candidates are given below:

Sometimes, the profile may demand knowledge of local language or culture and recruiters will give importance to candidates only with required skills.

Sometimes, the employer may give importance only to local aspirants. As a result, your resume will be preferred over others if you mention your location in it.

In many cases, the job may require the candidate to relocate to another part of a country or world. In that case only candidates who are interested in relocating will be given preference. If you have the name of that particular location or city mentioned in your CV, it will help in attracting more views from recruiters.

Since an increasing number of recruiters source resumes from Internet job portals, clearly mentioning preferred location in your resume has become more important. It will help in:

Highlighting your resume when a recruiter searches teaching jobs with preferred city or state names.

Widening your scopes in finding the right job. If you put only your home address in your resume, you may only attract views from local employers.

Proving your seriousness for a faculty job. Hiding your address or not mentioning it in your CV creates a negative impression in the minds of recruiters.

Attracting more views of your resume from HR of colleges or institutes.

Minimizing the time in searching for CV by recruitment managers.

5 Surefire Tips To find A Lecturer Job in The Best Institute


Have you just completed your degree and are looking for lecturer job? Are you a seasoned faculty who is looking for an exciting new challenge? Or are you a professional outside of the education industry who is seeking to make a career in teaching?

Finding a new academic opportunity can be a daunting process, especially when seasoned faculties with tenure or long-standing success at a college/ institute are typically automatically re-invited to teach each year. The result is that available faculty positions may be limited, and the competition for these positions fierce.

A big part of the academics job search process is knowing where to look for teaching positions.

The following tips and tricks are designed to take some of the headaches out of your search, by giving you some guidelines on steps you can take to, ultimately, find a lecturer job.

Required Qualification

If you wanted to become a lecturer thirty years ago, a post graduate degree was not necessary, but the career has become so professionalized over the past few decades that now it is nearly impossible to get a permanent lectureship without having completed a Ph.D. The qualification that you will need is a good bachelor’s degree, possibly a masters, and for almost all disciplines a PhD in the relevant field. You do not need a separate teaching qualification, although you may be offered the chance to do one while studying for your Ph.D. Alternatively, this may be required during your first year in the lectureship job.

Teaching Experience Needed

If you are not fresher, teaching experience is needed. Hopefully while doing your Ph.D, you have been planning for your future and working out ways to enhance your chances of getting a job. There are two main aspects to being a lecturer: teaching and research. Various institutions prioritize research and teaching slightly differently and you need to find out which aspect is most important for the particular job you are interested in.

Research Experience Needed

Your Ph.D will form the main basis of your research experience. If this is successful, it will go a long way to putting you on to the academic career ladder. After finishing their Ph.D most of the students turn immediately to having it published either as a book or a series of articles. This is also an essential step on the path to becoming a faculty.

After the PhD

Some scholars are fortunate and get a job quickly after finishing their PhD; others spend years in and out of temporary positions. On finishing their PhD, many scholars find it difficult to get a job immediately. They have to work on an hourly paid basis or temporary or part time contracts to make ends meet and gain experience. This can involve traveling a long way to and from work or working at various institutions simultaneously. The increased diversity of your experience will reflect positively on your CV.

Where can you find jobs?

Your PhD supervisor, colleagues, and friends in academia will all be invaluable in passing on job information via word of mouth. It is an important way of learning which colleges/ institutions are hiring at any one time and especially useful when a department is looking for a temporary faculty of staff. Initially, the search for suitable teaching jobs is done by members of the department asking contacts whether they know anyone who would be interested. Only later would the position be advertised more formally. For temporary or permanent faculty jobs, institutions have to advertise publicly even if they have an internal candidate in consideration for the job.

HireFaculty is the key place to find all academic jobs, advertising over 20,000 jobs a year in all of the major universities in the India and abroad.

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What Made You Decide To Become A Teacher ?

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Everyone remembers a great teacher – may be one that roused them to accomplish, inspired 
them to achieve, or showed them the joy of a particular subject, or made lessons fun.

A question about why you decide to become a teacher will no doubt be on your interviewer's 
list. Each candidate will certainly have a different answer to this question which is to be 
expected as your career path is a personal one. Here I am describing some common reasons
to decide teaching as a career.

What Are The Reasons To Become A Teacher?

Wondering why you should become a teacher? There are many reasons to love being an
 educator. In many cases it’s hard to remember when you are burned out, but it’s also easy 
to remind yourself of why you chose a teaching career.

Teaching is one of those professions that keeps a teachers or professors on their toes and
 keeps them young at heart. It allows a teacher/ professor to use their brain and continue
 learning each day, sometimes through diverse professional development methods.

It’s a profession that allows you to be creative, and work with a variety of different people.

Many teachers discover that their love of children draws them to in this field, or that their own love of learning makes them passionate about teaching. Others are inspired by a teacher or professor earlier in their education who had a positive impact on them. An educator may be seen as a leader, a coach or even a surrogate parental figure.

It’s one of the perks of being a teacher. Each year a new experience that can be met after a little rest and relaxation. Influencing to the next generation by sharing knowledge is another advantage.

Teaching is fun, and there are plenty of opportunities to be creative in conveying information to young people.

An educator can share passion for their favourite subject. Do you love the subject you’re studying? Teaching could be a great way to pass on your knowledge and passion.

Inspired from favourite professor. No one ever forgets a meaningful teacher who had an impact on their life.

Become An Inspiration

Unlike most careers, an academic career has the opportunity to inspire students, not only academically but personally as well. If you think back to when you were a child, I’m sure you can recall at least one teacher that really stood out and made various changes in your life. Teaching is touching the lives of your students, making connections that will last a lifetime, and providing them with inspiration that will take them places in their lives.

When you are passionate, energetic and compassionate for something that you love, it will shine through. When you love what you do, not only will you make a difference in your students’ lives, but you will make a difference in your own as well.

How to Get a Job as a Teacher

From school to colleges, elementary classes to high school classes, there are various teaching jobs available for job seekers. Teaching candidates must create an eye catchy portfolio to present to prospective employers and networking contacts. Use education-related website HireFaculty to post resumes and apply for any advertised vacancies of professor jobs, teaching jobs, lecturer jobs assistant professor jobs etc.

What are your top reasons for loving teaching? Is there anything we should add to the list? Share with us in the comment section below, we would love to hear your thoughts.